Benefits, features and feelings

Yes today is a truly momentous day – my first blog post as a copywriter!

I’ve spent the last 13 years marketing individuals as a resume writer, and as of July 31st I’m a copywriter!

In July 2011 I travelled to Mackay Queensland to learn from Pete Godfrey, Wizard of Words and the best damn Copywriter in Australia.

I learned a lot and feel revitalised and ready to write copy that works (  I have more books here though, and plan on reading, reading and reading and keep learning as much as I can about this exciting subject.

I’m mastering the ability to turn features not only into benefits but also into feelings.

What do I mean?

Well let’s use the example of my resume writing ebook I wrote last year.  What are some of its features, for example;

* It’s 115 pages long

* It gives samples of resumes that I wrote that worked for my clients

* It gives specific “how to” information (not “what to” info) on how to write a professional resume

If you’re human, you think Who Cares?  If you’re a copywriter you turn these not only into benefits, but feelings.


* Every question you ever had about resume writing will be answered

* Don’t have to reinvent the wheel or think about how to write a resume, it’s all been done before!

* Saves time and frustration as all you have to do is follow the steps in the book and there it is, your new professional resume

The benefits are slightly better than features, but the benefits don’t really grab the reader as solving their problems and feelings.  Someone that needs a resume writing ebook has problems and feelings that need to be addressed.  For example, job seekers will be frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and not sure where to start writing a resume.   They usually don’t know who to trust as there are a lot of conflicting opinions and information on the subject scattered all over the web.  The question is, what will this new ebook do for them?  What problem will it solve?  How will they feel once they have it?



  • How to get more job interviews without spending a fortune on professional resume writers (pages x)
  • The SINGLE most critical resume step that means the difference between success or failure and  can GUARANTEE a resumes that gets results in hours ( page x reveals all)
  • WARNING: Resume blunders and how to avoid them (see page x)
  • How to avoid an embarrassing resume that is thrown in the bin with a laugh (page x )
  • What you must do NOW to dramatically increase your resume response rate by 100% (page xxx) Imagine getting that Dream Job Offer within days!
  • The one explosive secret which will fill your days with more dream job interview requests in the next month days than most job seekers will ever see.
  • Discover my most VITAL and confidential tips that most job-seekers will never know in their lifetime…
  • Samples of winning resumes that actually got interviews for my Customers (page X)
  •  Relax safe in the knowledge of a 13 year Resume Writing Veteran who guarantees your success and prosperity
  • Learn the successful actions, tips and insider secrets gained from 13 years of blood sweat and tears………why reinvent the wheel?
  • Discover the specific A – Z step by step guide on the “How to” of writing a professional resume, not the general and non specific “What to” do you usually see in eBooks which is so frustrating!

See the difference?  These bullets now explain the features and benefits but tap into the feelings of the prospect?  We all make purchases based on emotions and feelings, we’re a cesspit of fear, concern, happiness, anger, worry you name it

These new bullets tap into these whether that be fear, security, safety or desire….

Try it and see the difference.

What do you feel?  Could you be a copywriter?
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3 Commentsto Benefits, features and feelings

  1. Gary says:

    Nice work Andrea.

    Probably should have been here before now but time has eluded me. Love the layout, great example as to what we learned from the wiz. Wondering though, will you expand on the feelings?


  2. David Troyahn says:

    If you need a great copywriter, a copywriter that cares about you & your business, I can personally recommend Andrea. I run a small cleaning business in Melbourne & Andrea went out of her way to assist me & point me in the right direction….I was throwing money away, on what I thought, was a good promotional flyer…WRONG.. Andrea came to the rescue…It has reinvigorated me to go out & get more customers…Thanks Andrea….

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