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Take away selling is one of my favourite copy clicks.  For those of you that aren’t sure what a copy click is, it’s a technique or tool used by a copy writer to get attention and write effective copy that sells.

No, take away selling is nothing to do with fish and chips or picking up your dinner on Friday night from the local Chinese take away!

One copy click I like to use is take away selling.  As a writer and enterpreneur since 1998

take away selling came instinctively.  It involves taking away

copy writing

This is definitely not for you....

the product or service from the prospect.  It can be done in a number of ways, and also qualifies your prospect.

For example;

  • A heading with “What this is not” and then a bunch of bullet points with statements such as “this is not a multi level marketing scheme” and “this is not for those that want to be a millionaire working 2 hours per week”
  • A statement such as “Only 20 applicants per week accepted” and then a list of qualifications or criteria for screening of applicants.

Here is some copy I used recently, you will notice I don’t pull any punches and am pretty direct, but then that’s the kind of gal I am!

WARNING: Pro Resumes Made Easy is NOT for everyone…

It is ……


  • NOT for those who want to pay professional resume writing fees and don’t want to learn a skill that will change their career and ultimately their life
  • NOT a book written by someone that hasn’t walked the walk and talked the talk.  I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer and since 1998 I’ve got interviews for 7000 people across the world.
  • NOT for tyre kickers, whingers or moaners.  If you need me to hold you by the hand, wrap you in cotton wool and think the world owes you a living…. “Pro Resumes Made Easy” is definitely not for you.  If you are sure that you are more of a resume expert than I am OR that I’m some dodgy person that doesn’t really know what they are talking about then please don’t waste your time any further.
  • I’m interested only in positive, hard-working people that want to change their careers and ultimately their lives forever
  •  NOT a system where you put in maybe ten seconds of work while sitting there in your PJs, then kaching! There is your new resume and job handed to you on a silver platter
  • NOT for those that don’t want to earn more money doing a job they enjoy
  • NOT one of those resume eBooks that should gather dust inside your computer’s hard drive and never be read or used.  After purchase you’ll receive regular email news updates from me personally so we’ll always be in touch as well as an amazing bonus that will mean we’ll definitely be in contact after purchase.  But more on that to come………

You might think that this copy is overly harsh and would turn the reader off.  Actually the reverse is true, most readers will be thinking “that’s not me, that’s not me” and selling themselves on your product or service.

Those that really are turned off by take away selling are usually in the minority anyway, and aren’t the type of prospects you should be interested in.

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