Writing, Testing and Refining your Copy

Writing, testing and rewriting your Copy….(the fun part! not….)


I’m currently going through the process of testing and refining copy for a long form online sales letter.

In writing the copy I focus on;

  1. A compelling headline.  The headline I used details benefits gained by a previous customer – and attainable by the prospect
  2. Describing the prospects
  3. An offer which is compelling and attractive to the prospect
  4. A cast iron guarantee
  5. The close or call to action

How can you tell if copy is any good?  Well, truthfully it’s results.  Are you getting any sales?  If not it’s time to amend and test the copy until you get it right.

In testing I use google analytics to see how long visitors are staying on the page.

0-10 seconds – the headline needs work


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