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“Design and Write” Service

After much negotiations I am proud to announce that I am now offering a “Design and Write” service.  This has come about through partnering with a graphic designer with over 40 years design experience.  This designer is also a talented artist and ran her own advertising agency for many years.

I’d like to introduce (drum roll please) Helen Bassett to the team.

Helen has an impressive portfolio and I will load some samples of her design work up to the portfolio page.

This means I can now be a “one stop shop” offering a design and write service with just one contact point (me) acting as Project Manager.  So what this means is that I can offer the following:

  • Design and Write
  • Marketing Strategy and Consulting
  • Assessment and critique of current marketing programs including collateral
  • Copy writing (of course) including direct mail, websites, SEO, white papers, flyers, annual reports, case studies and more
  • Combined experience of over 55 years, with 15 years of these spent in the recruitment industry

Additionally, I’ve been asked to present at an all day sales and marketing seminar  in Melbourne on September 6th 2013.  The seminar is hosted by Prospect Marketing and I look forward to seeing you there.

This next phase of the business is exciting and energising.  Feel free to call or email me to chat!  I promise I’m easy to talk to 🙂

To your business success….


FREE Advertising/Marketing review – Email me your marketing material now!

Leads and enquiries drying up fast?  Worried your brochures/flyers/website/reports/sales letters aren’t cutting the mustard?   Want to increase the number of leads and enquiries you get from your written marketing materials and make more money?

Well now you can at little to no risk…I’m offering a FREE Advertising Makeover/Marketing Materials Review usually priced at $179.

To get started, here is how to go about it;


a) Email your document through to me as either a .doc or .docx (MS Word) file to andrea(at)  In the body of your email please tell me how you are using or have used your material (e.g. newspaper ad, website copy, sales letter etc) and who your target market is (for example, bagpipe players based in Melbourne aged 30-60).  If you have information also on previous results also that would be helpful (for example, flyer which was distributed to 5000 households in Sydney previously with 10 responses)

b) Let me know whether you would like to receive your review by telephone or email

c) If you will be receiving your review by telephone, include your telephone number.  I will email you back with a scheduled day and time for the conference call which will take between 20 to 30 minutes.  I will provide you also with a number to call, as the conversation will be recorded for your reference (I’ll email you a copy of the recorded call)

d) Use the information to improve your copy and start getting stellar sales results!

Here’s to your success!

Andrea Drew

Beating the Bullies…..

headlinesIt was 1981.  I’d just arrived in Australia from England and was having a pretty rough time of it.    I was in Grade 6 (as opposed to Junior IV) and the excitement and nervousness I’d initially felt at a new school in a new country was rapidly turning to fear and outright terror.

One burly strapping young turd….oops sorry I mean boy bullied me relentlessly.  “Go home pommie b******” he told me regularly interspersed with  “You’re ugly” and “You stink” and of course to top it all off he would sometimes stick his leg out as our desks were next to each other and I would go flying.

What a charmer.

After a couple of weeks of this I told my Dad about it.  I asked him what I should do to stop it from happening.  After much thought and eventually tearing himself away from the TV he said “Ask him about the chain marks on his legs.”

I have to admit I didn’t really understand what he meant at first but it dawned on me just before I drifted off to sleep.  I fell asleep with a smile on my face and wolfed down breakfast eager to get to school and try out my new weapon.

After seeing me respond to the teachers questions and getting all the answers right he pulled out the little chestnut for me “Go home Pommie b***ard” with a sneer on his face.

“Hey Jason what’s that on your leg?”

He looked down and when he couldn’t see anything I said.  “Wash it off quick!”

He looked up at me with a blank look and I said “Oh it’s OK.  It’s just the chain mark on your leg.”

The look of anger on his face was priceless.

Of course he tried dobbing me in to the teacher who  laughed and immediately launched into a history lesson of convicts and transportation to Australia.

But the bullying didn’t stop there of course.

The better I did in class the worse Jason the bully got.

Until finally he followed me home from school one day.  Why is he doing this I thought?  Does he like me or what?

Eventually as we got to my front gate with a look of hatred on his face he spat on my skirt with a huge globule at close range.

I ran inside hysterical.

I told my parents and screamed and stuttered out what had happened.  In a hysterical panic I refused to ever go to school again.  The rest was a bit of a blur but I distinctly remember Dad calling the school.

Over the next two days Mum and I had a chance to talk.

She told me “Rise above it.  Don’t lower yourself to their level.”

“Yeah right Mum” I thought.  “Like THAT’S gonna help!”

But I decided to give it a go.  After all, antagonising the bully obviously hadn’t worked.

So I did.  Of course I went through the painful process of being interviewed by the principal and teacher, and witnessed Jason’s agonising apology in front of the class.

But the class accepted me after that.  Even the cool people!  They realised I was smart, funny and although I wore those strange English clothes and had a different haircut I was actually OK to hang around with.

I went from strength to strength, getting excellent grades and even beat the bully without meaning to – in the worst way possible.

I’m pretty uncoordinated at sport still but about four days after “the incident’ we were playing cricket.  I’d missed catches before.  Jason the bully of course, was a sports star.  But on this fine sunny day he whacked the ball clear up into the air and straight into my hands.

I caught it clear and true.  After a split second of shock  I smiled triumphantly and the class roared cheered and laughed!

From there I never looked back.  And I still haven’t.

After having a business for 13 years I sold it last year and went back to the corporate world for six months.  It was an interesting experience and definitely worthwhile but unfortunately the odd bully is still out there, if not more subtle.

But I didn’t respond unless I really had to.  And I realised that bullies are just miserable souls wearing a slim veneer and mask of social happiness.  I feel sorry for them more than anything else.

And in response, I’m flourishing and prospering.

I realise how smart, intelligent, beautiful, happy (most of the time) and amazing I am to be around.  My motives are pure and true and I love to help and in fact have gone out of my way countless times to help strangers.

I have three beautiful children and a gorgeous husband I love and who loves me in abundance.

I am imaginative and now have lots of ways I can help others with my marketing, writing and technical expertise.  So bring it on I say!

Life is fine and I savour every minute of it.  I will be rich (not just comfortable) if I keep persisting on this given course, and that is totally fine with me.  No longer do I feel undeserving.  Those days are long gone.

And I’m now encouraging the creative streak in my son who is writing his third book.  I told him his latest story was  a fantastic idea if he didn’t write the book soon I’d steal it and make a mountain of money!

All with a view to encouraging his creative imagination and to downplay a couple of issues he’s been having lately.

And it’s working.  Funny that hey?

Have you been bullied or have your children?  What have you done about it?  What made the difference for you?……

Review us


Sand and Gas – Knowing who to trust

Sand and gas and knowing who to trust?  How can these two things be related, isn’t that a weird headline?  Well, actually, No it’s not and it could very well save your life!

There are two types of people in this world.  Sand, and Gas.  80% of people you meet and that are already in your life are the Gas, and the 20% left are Sand.

Gas goes up, just like balloons filled with gas do, but sand as a weight brings the balloon down.

My mentor Pete Godfrey calls the “sand” personalities “dream killers” and so they are.  Luckily a small percentage of people are sand and will weigh you down and kill your dreams.  However they are not always easy to identify.

Dream killers will generally pass on bad news, they cannot select the right target, and respond poorly to reform or therapy.  For example, if they have a flat tyre, they blame the dog.  Or they will tell you “as a friend” that you will never get anywhere with your artwork.

They are known also to be quite covert, and hide their comments often with the words “everyone” and “always” for example “everyone here knows you’re going to lose your job soon, I’m just telling you as I care about you as a friend” Yeah right!

Ever met someone smiling at you, but you don’t feel great around them?  You’ve just met a dream killer.  I remember a “kind” woman saying to me “That’s a lovely dress!  I’ve seen a lot of women wearing that dress.”

Yet the gas is of course, the opposite.  People around them are doing well, and are healthy, rather than sick.  They are social rather than anti-social. They recognise correct causation and don’t select the wrong target.  They also respond to reform or therapy.

I judge others by their actions and their ability to help.  Of course, a momentary slip in a “gas” type  personality doesn’t mean they are to be branded as sand or a dream killer.  Watch the behaviour of those around you over a long period.   This can go a long way toward knowing who to trust.

Select your friends and associates carefully.  And beware of dream killers if you want to really succeed and prosper!


Case Study – Copy writing flyer for Cleaning Business………..

Copy Writing – Flyers and Brochures

Recently I received an email from David, owner of a local small business needing help with his flyer/brochure.

He has been in business about 2 years and wants more customers.

He will be sending out flyers by letterbox drop and needed a bit of help.  I had a look at what he had, and could see that most of the information wasn’t really of interest to a prospect, and in my humble opinion the flyer was likely to end up in the recycling bin with most others.

The flyer as it was, listed the business name as a headline.

To me it didn’t really communicate to the prospect, identify their pain or problems, and describe how David could solve their problems.   I’ve detailed below the “before” and “after” of this flyer, I’d be interested to hear your comments.

I rewrote it as both a very short (and small – C6 or quarter A4) size and an A4 flyer.

David will be distributing the flyer shortly and it will be interesting to see the results……






                        WE CARE ABOUT OUR CLIENTS.


           *   Vacuuming                 * Bathroom

           *   Dusting                       * Laundry

           *   Kitchen                       * Utility cleaning

D & S HOME SERVICES supply professional cleaners on a regular basis

either weekly/fortnightly, the choice is yours. OR for that ONE time clean, such as after parties, spring clean, moving house, etc…


Kitchen:                                 All Rooms:

Clean bench tops                    Vacuum floors

Clean cook top                         Dust surfaces

Clean sink & taps                    Mop all wooden/tile floors

Clean splashback                   Clean mirrors

Clean appliance exterior        Empty rubbish bins

Clean inside microwave         General tidy

Bathroom:                               Toilet:

Clean bath                              Clean & disinfect

Clean shower cabin                        

Clean basin & taps

Clean mirror

“Honesty & integrity are part of our core values”

 Call David NOW for a SUPER obligation free quotation:

                         0402 206 574                           

 We will take care of ALL your cleaning needs…..



DROWNING IN HOUSEWORK?                  

 You’re busy.  Under statement right?

 Between work, kids, bills, housework, family functions etc. you probably don’t even have the time to read this.

 So I’ll keep it short and sweet.

 We’re a local cleaner who values our Customers.

 Nothing is too much trouble.

 We won’t tell you “Sorry we don’t do that” or tell you what we CAN’T do.

 Our mission is to solve your housework worries not add to them.

 Like you, we value honesty and integrity.  We know that GOOD cleaners are in very short supply.  Our cleaners won’t say things like “By the way, if you’re missing an earring I just sucked it up in the vacuum cleaner”

 We’ve heard the horror stories too.

 Try us.  Find out for yourself why we are different.

 Call us NOW to see how we can sort out your housework problems

 Call David’s Home Help on 0402 206 574

Writing, Testing and Refining your Copy

Writing, testing and rewriting your Copy….(the fun part! not….)


I’m currently going through the process of testing and refining copy for a long form online sales letter.

In writing the copy I focus on;

  1. A compelling headline.  The headline I used details benefits gained by a previous customer – and attainable by the prospect
  2. Describing the prospects
  3. An offer which is compelling and attractive to the prospect
  4. A cast iron guarantee
  5. The close or call to action

How can you tell if copy is any good?  Well, truthfully it’s results.  Are you getting any sales?  If not it’s time to amend and test the copy until you get it right.

In testing I use google analytics to see how long visitors are staying on the page.

0-10 seconds – the headline needs work


What this is Not – Take away selling

Take away selling is one of my favourite copy clicks.  For those of you that aren’t sure what a copy click is, it’s a technique or tool used by a copy writer to get attention and write effective copy that sells.

No, take away selling is nothing to do with fish and chips or picking up your dinner on Friday night from the local Chinese take away!

One copy click I like to use is take away selling.  As a writer and enterpreneur since 1998

take away selling came instinctively.  It involves taking away

copy writing

This is definitely not for you....

the product or service from the prospect.  It can be done in a number of ways, and also qualifies your prospect.

For example;

  • A heading with “What this is not” and then a bunch of bullet points with statements such as “this is not a multi level marketing scheme” and “this is not for those that want to be a millionaire working 2 hours per week”
  • A statement such as “Only 20 applicants per week accepted” and then a list of qualifications or criteria for screening of applicants.

Here is some copy I used recently, you will notice I don’t pull any punches and am pretty direct, but then that’s the kind of gal I am!

WARNING: Pro Resumes Made Easy is NOT for everyone…

It is ……


  • NOT for those who want to pay professional resume writing fees and don’t want to learn a skill that will change their career and ultimately their life
  • NOT a book written by someone that hasn’t walked the walk and talked the talk.  I am a Certified Advanced Resume Writer and since 1998 I’ve got interviews for 7000 people across the world.
  • NOT for tyre kickers, whingers or moaners.  If you need me to hold you by the hand, wrap you in cotton wool and think the world owes you a living…. “Pro Resumes Made Easy” is definitely not for you.  If you are sure that you are more of a resume expert than I am OR that I’m some dodgy person that doesn’t really know what they are talking about then please don’t waste your time any further.
  • I’m interested only in positive, hard-working people that want to change their careers and ultimately their lives forever
  •  NOT a system where you put in maybe ten seconds of work while sitting there in your PJs, then kaching! There is your new resume and job handed to you on a silver platter
  • NOT for those that don’t want to earn more money doing a job they enjoy
  • NOT one of those resume eBooks that should gather dust inside your computer’s hard drive and never be read or used.  After purchase you’ll receive regular email news updates from me personally so we’ll always be in touch as well as an amazing bonus that will mean we’ll definitely be in contact after purchase.  But more on that to come………

You might think that this copy is overly harsh and would turn the reader off.  Actually the reverse is true, most readers will be thinking “that’s not me, that’s not me” and selling themselves on your product or service.

Those that really are turned off by take away selling are usually in the minority anyway, and aren’t the type of prospects you should be interested in.

To find out more about me and samples of my work click on the “About copywriting Chick” page

Comments anyone?


They may take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!

headlinesIf you’re a movie buff, you’ll recognise this headline from the movie Braveheart starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace.  It’s part of his freedom speech to his men before battle

Braveheart freedom speech

The point here is the power of words and headlines to stir the emotions, inspire, move, identify, raise the hairs on the back of our necks.

Headlines grab the attention and stick in the mind of your prospect.

Consider these famous headlines and movie grabs:

“I’ll be back.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator 1984

“My Mama always said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump 1994

 “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

Clark Gable, Gone with the Wind 1939

“What we do in life echoes in eternity”

Russell Crowe, Gladiator 2000

“Father to a murdered son.  Husband to a murdered wife.  And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.”

Russell Crowe, Gladiator 2000

If you’re anything like me, these headlines or movie grabs stir your emotions.  They grab your attention and make you feel.  

These movie grabs and/or headlines stuck in people’s minds so much, that they are remembered decades later.  It’s that kind of effect we’re looking for in a headline.

Make no mistake, when we make purchases we do so based on how we feel.  Not because of the great features of the product.  It’s emotions that stir us into action.

Your headlines need to not only grab the readers attention with both hands, they need to stir emotion in your prospect.

You can also have a fantastic offer within the headline, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Here is an example of two different headlines based on one of my own products.  Which one grabs your attention more?

Headline 1

Sick of submitting endless job applications
with no response?
Do you know your resume needs work but not sure where to start?


Headline 2

How a 57 year old Sales Manager unemployed for 2 Years

Got a job paying $130K

Just 30 days after buying “Pro Resumes Made Easy” 

Headline 2 in my humble opinion grabs the attention but also makes an offer.  The copy from there on out tells a story which holds the readers attention enough to have them keep reading.

The key is to practice writing headlines.  I’ve not only been experimenting and testing with headline after headline, but have been handwriting some great headlines to help them stick.

Try it and see, it works!

Benefits, features and feelings

Yes today is a truly momentous day – my first blog post as a copywriter!

I’ve spent the last 13 years marketing individuals as a resume writer, and as of July 31st I’m a copywriter!

In July 2011 I travelled to Mackay Queensland to learn from Pete Godfrey, Wizard of Words and the best damn Copywriter in Australia.

I learned a lot and feel revitalised and ready to write copy that works (  I have more books here though, and plan on reading, reading and reading and keep learning as much as I can about this exciting subject.

I’m mastering the ability to turn features not only into benefits but also into feelings.

What do I mean?

Well let’s use the example of my resume writing ebook I wrote last year.  What are some of its features, for example;

* It’s 115 pages long

* It gives samples of resumes that I wrote that worked for my clients

* It gives specific “how to” information (not “what to” info) on how to write a professional resume

If you’re human, you think Who Cares?  If you’re a copywriter you turn these not only into benefits, but feelings.


* Every question you ever had about resume writing will be answered

* Don’t have to reinvent the wheel or think about how to write a resume, it’s all been done before!

* Saves time and frustration as all you have to do is follow the steps in the book and there it is, your new professional resume

The benefits are slightly better than features, but the benefits don’t really grab the reader as solving their problems and feelings.  Someone that needs a resume writing ebook has problems and feelings that need to be addressed.  For example, job seekers will be frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and not sure where to start writing a resume.   They usually don’t know who to trust as there are a lot of conflicting opinions and information on the subject scattered all over the web.  The question is, what will this new ebook do for them?  What problem will it solve?  How will they feel once they have it?



  • How to get more job interviews without spending a fortune on professional resume writers (pages x)
  • The SINGLE most critical resume step that means the difference between success or failure and  can GUARANTEE a resumes that gets results in hours ( page x reveals all)
  • WARNING: Resume blunders and how to avoid them (see page x)
  • How to avoid an embarrassing resume that is thrown in the bin with a laugh (page x )
  • What you must do NOW to dramatically increase your resume response rate by 100% (page xxx) Imagine getting that Dream Job Offer within days!
  • The one explosive secret which will fill your days with more dream job interview requests in the next month days than most job seekers will ever see.
  • Discover my most VITAL and confidential tips that most job-seekers will never know in their lifetime…
  • Samples of winning resumes that actually got interviews for my Customers (page X)
  •  Relax safe in the knowledge of a 13 year Resume Writing Veteran who guarantees your success and prosperity
  • Learn the successful actions, tips and insider secrets gained from 13 years of blood sweat and tears………why reinvent the wheel?
  • Discover the specific A – Z step by step guide on the “How to” of writing a professional resume, not the general and non specific “What to” do you usually see in eBooks which is so frustrating!

See the difference?  These bullets now explain the features and benefits but tap into the feelings of the prospect?  We all make purchases based on emotions and feelings, we’re a cesspit of fear, concern, happiness, anger, worry you name it

These new bullets tap into these whether that be fear, security, safety or desire….

Try it and see the difference.

What do you feel?  Could you be a copywriter?
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