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Sand and Gas – Knowing who to trust

Sand and gas and knowing who to trust?  How can these two things be related, isn’t that a weird headline?  Well, actually, No it’s not and it could very well save your life!

There are two types of people in this world.  Sand, and Gas.  80% of people you meet and that are already in your life are the Gas, and the 20% left are Sand.

Gas goes up, just like balloons filled with gas do, but sand as a weight brings the balloon down.

My mentor Pete Godfrey calls the “sand” personalities “dream killers” and so they are.  Luckily a small percentage of people are sand and will weigh you down and kill your dreams.  However they are not always easy to identify.

Dream killers will generally pass on bad news, they cannot select the right target, and respond poorly to reform or therapy.  For example, if they have a flat tyre, they blame the dog.  Or they will tell you “as a friend” that you will never get anywhere with your artwork.

They are known also to be quite covert, and hide their comments often with the words “everyone” and “always” for example “everyone here knows you’re going to lose your job soon, I’m just telling you as I care about you as a friend” Yeah right!

Ever met someone smiling at you, but you don’t feel great around them?  You’ve just met a dream killer.  I remember a “kind” woman saying to me “That’s a lovely dress!  I’ve seen a lot of women wearing that dress.”

Yet the gas is of course, the opposite.  People around them are doing well, and are healthy, rather than sick.  They are social rather than anti-social. They recognise correct causation and don’t select the wrong target.  They also respond to reform or therapy.

I judge others by their actions and their ability to help.  Of course, a momentary slip in a “gas” type  personality doesn’t mean they are to be branded as sand or a dream killer.  Watch the behaviour of those around you over a long period.   This can go a long way toward knowing who to trust.

Select your friends and associates carefully.  And beware of dream killers if you want to really succeed and prosper!


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