A summary of some of the feedback I’ve received:

Senior Stylist, TV, film and fashion (Web profile)

Hi again, I had a quick read and it’s looking/ sounding brilliant.  There’s a couple of little word changes I might prefer – just for me to be more comfortable but I’m LOVING it.  I will type up the promo notes, as I said and will see if there’s anything in there that would influence changes, but so far I feel you’ve summed it up brilliantly and more concise that I could ever have.   It’s interesting actually, as I kind of think, that I know my business so no-one can really communicate it like I can, but actually, that’s not true. You’re clearly very professional at it as you communicated it better than I could have possibly, actually.  (Feel free to use that comment)  More info, soon.  Best J.K.

Web Designer (proofreading)

Also, in regards to the work you did for me, I will send through a recommendation in the next few days. Also, I do not mind if you give out my number as a contactable referee.  Thanks M.K.

Nurse, Job Seeker (South Australia)

“I love what you did with the documents, it’s exactly what I wanted to say, exactly!  I really don’t know what to say to you, thank you so much.  In all my years dealing with professionals I have never seen as much dedication and involvement as you have shared with me.  It really does show how much you care about your clients.” A.K.

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