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website book imageDreamed of making money Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Own Books but worried you Might Starve?

Learn from a commercial writer and author whose books have been downloaded over 50,000 times in the last few months – an expert with stats on the boards and Start Publishing straight away on the day!

If you’ve always dreamed of being an author and getting published but you’re tired of getting rejection after rejection and you are wary of the next big thing  BUT still want to learn from somone that knows what they’re talking about and have walked the walk for over a decade and has “stats on the board” then this short letter is going to be THE most important message you ever read.  My name is Andrea Drew and I formed my own resume writing business in 1993 when my first baby was born with “start up” capital of a whopping $26.  I’ll get to that later.

See I want to tell you how this all started

It was 2011 and I’d just sold my thirteen year old resume writing biz for a healthy figure.  And I mean VERY healthy.  I was definitely done with resume writing.  Or so I’d decided in the lead up to the business sale.  I was burned out.  I’d had enough.

See the picture I’d created for myself of sipping Pina Coladas on a beautiful beach in the Pacific wasn’t quite what I thought it would be.  I was restless, edgy, antsy.

Where was the next game, the next big goal the next thing to conquer?

I was feeling a bit flat as I hadn’t anticipated feeling this way AT ALL.  I was supposed to be HAPPY DAMNIT!

So…with a bit of time on my hands I finished up my book “Pro Resumes Made Easy” and bragged a bit about the business sale (as much as I thought was socially acceptable anyway) on THAT social networking site.  And had a bit of a response.  Interesting.  People wanted to know how I got my book into over 23,000 readers hands in 24 hours.

Which got me thinkin’

Hmmmm.  Hang on a sec.  I know I usually jump the gun but there is no way I’m giving you 13 years of blood sweat tears and hard won know how for nothin’ buddy!

So I decided I would prepare this AWESOME “business in a box” package.   How could anyone resist?  Or so I thought. It contained everything any budding writer would need to start writing professionally from scratch, every document I sweated bullets over, every training pack I made for staff, no holds barred, they could have it ALL.  Along with 12 months unlimited mentoring.

So it couldn’t be cheap right?

I mean for unlimited mentoring I could potentially be giving them LOTS and LOTS of hand holding time.

So it cost thousands.   Thousands.   But still I knew it was value for money because of my experience (15 years isn’t to be sneezed at) so I wasn’t too worried.

So I put up the info and waited for the sales to roll in and the cash to pile up.  “I’m gonna be RICH! YeeHa!”

One small problem

I didn’t get a single order.  Zip.  Zero.  Not a sausage.  Bloody Hell.  I was starting to feel like Peter Allen singing “When My Baby Goes to Rio” complete with camp cabaret costumes at a Friggin’ Funeral.

Unwanted.  Unloved.  Weird.  Strange.  Loser with a capital L.

Then it dawned on me.  The lights went on.


Not only is the land of “biz opps and seminars” crowded but people are super skeptical these days.

I don’t blame you.

There’s plenty of scammers around.  Professional Scammers.  Plenty of busy people in Nigeria wanting to give you millions of their inheritance to leave to charity because their wife is dying and they have no family and “all they need is your bank account details”

Yeah Right Buddy

Play the other one it Plays Jingle Bells.

So I decided those people super keen to become authors and make money from writing and publishing books with an entrepreneurial spirit would be more interested in meeting the guru face to face and learning all my knowledge I sweated blood sweat and tears to gain –face to face.

Pretty hard to be scammed when Mr/Mrs Expert is standing right there in front of you.  Besides it easier to throw eggs at ‘em in Person Right? J

The Catch?

Well at the moment, it’s run in Melbourne only (and probably Sydney the week after) coz’ that’s where I live and where most of my friends are (including Sydney – I lived there for seven years but that’s another story).

Once I get enough people clamouring for the same set up interstate I’ll hop on a flight.

And they will clamour at this price, that much I can promise you.

The other catch is that only two mentoring sessions are included in the cost.  But with a whole day to ask me everything and anything you probably won’t need more mentoring anyway.

So I only include 2 x 30 minute mentoring sessions after the seminar – along with a pack you can take home – anything else would be silly at the price I’m charging which is around the price of most people’s weekly pay packet.

Plus I don’t work for a dollar a day

This seminar is designed to teach you every trick, every tip gleaned from hundreds of hours of research I did on self publishing on Amazon, smashwords and other online publishers the easy way from the comfort of your laptop or pc in a one day training seminar on a Sunday — for those of you still working for the man.

I also teach you how to print and distribute paperback copies of your book globally for next to nothing cost-wise! Just to get your saliva glands into overdrive, here’s a small taste of the delicious treats

By the end of the day you will know


  • How to write your book in days not months or years;

  • What length it should be;

  • The right way to format it and structure it before uploading to minimize refunds and maximize sales and reviews;

  • The best way to get those five star reviews you need to start drawing readers in like a magnet;

  • How to get reviews ethically without paying for reviews and potentially having your account closed and being sent to the naughty corner;

  • How I got over 23,000 new readers in 24 hours and how you can too;

  • The exact steps to take to position yourself as the go to person in your field; gaining you massive worldwide exposure, more clients as well as a nice bonus – enough to pay your mortgage payment each month;

  • Get a free ISBN (International Standard Book Number), extended distribution and signed paperback copies to give away to clients for less than a $100 in costs – forever…


With this seminar you can control costs and make your dream a reality – you pay for mentoring by the hour after the day as an add on – if you need it that is which you probably won’t as you’re a smart cookie anyway (well you found me didn’t you?)

You also get a pack to take home with all the notes you’ll ever need so you can sit back, relax and publish your book AT THE SEMINAR!  (bring your laptops – no mindless theory here – it’s action, action, action!)

Pay As you Earn when You Need Help and When It Suits You!


Before you Sign Up though.  There’s something I want to make very clear.

I don’t help any old hobbledy hoy.  Not every Tom Dick or Harry. Only those that understand that it’s gonna take HARD WORK on their part, regardless of my “You’re Kidding Me Right?” price.

Otherwise they’ll fail.

They’ll blame me, the cat, the bloke selling fish and chips down the road, their parents and the neighbour’s gardener.

So you need to Understand that


The following people are disqualified from attending this intensive;

1.  Tyre Kickers: Those of you who are looking for a free ride and expect everything to fall into place by waving your magic wand with little to no work, please don’t apply

2.  Skeptics: Those who are doubtful anyone could really make money working for themselves or as a published author, and who can’t imagine building their own writing empire.  You’re wasting your time and money.  Don’t bother applying.

3.  Whingers and Moaners: I want dedicated, reasonably cheerful and positive people on my team.  I can’t be bothered spending the time with negative doom saysers.  All they do is bring everyone else down.  I cannot be bothered and don’t have the time or inclination to hear it so please, save your money.

4.  Entitlement Mentality: Those who expect instant riches while working for two hours a week in their pyjamas who believe that life owes them a living and if their Mother/Sister/Father/Aunty/Colleague would just leave them alone their life would be just perfect.  Sorry to break it to you, but the world doesn’t work like that – save yourself any possible shock and trauma right here and now.

So What is the Actual Cost of this One of Kind Seminar? For one day with me and all the questions you can Muster Up?



 Yeah I know but you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re getting in early.  Don’t be surprised as I train more authors and entrepreneurs if it goes up to $900 then $1200 and the rest.  That’s one thing I’ll teach you.  Once you publish once, it’s easy to replicate multiple times and rake in the cash.  Once the book is written and the marketing done, it is almost a passive income.

And it’s not like I’m not experienced or busy.  I’ve had businesses for 13 years and have a copywriting, book publishing/authoring and now training business. So I’ve got enough to go on with along with 3 young kids, husband and a house that takes forever to clean (it’s like shoveling snow while it’s still bloody snowing) But I want to give THE RIGHT PEOPLE who genuinely just need a leg up and the knowledge to speed up what took me many years to achieve.

So what do you need to do now? Well, just between you and me you might be a little nervous.  You want to know if I can walk the walk and get results which is the acid test after all right?  Well, just for you some of the results I’ve achieved in marketing, publishing and selling my own books can be found below (my book has a bright blue cover)…

amazon best sller

amazon best sller


screenshot 15000 downloads with 28 hours to go on free download promo


screenshot oct 2013 #3 on all non fiction prme

Call me on 03 8802 1429 and pay your $100 deposit.  The rest can be paid on the day by Visa, MasterCard or Cash.  If I’m not there leave me a message so I can schedule you in (I do have 3 businesses and am a published author so I only have between midnight and 6am free most days)

Or email me to see if you qualify

It’s on Sunday 8th December from 9.30am to 4.30pm in Melbourne (Ascot Vale near the CBD) and the venue will be confirmed with you — once your non-refundable deposit is paid.  There will be a limit of six to eight people – definitely no more – even at that price – I want it be a smaller more cosy group – that’s how I roll and it’s a more relaxed environment which is good for everyone.  So once it’s sold out – that’s it unfortunately.

See you on the other side budding author hey? (Did you like the sound of that?  Are you liking the idea of telling people just casually “Oh I’m a Published Author” – well better Get Used To It J )

Cheers to your Writing Success,

Andrea Drew

Copywriter, Author, Mentor, Occasional Resume Writer and Public Speaker!

P.S.  You thought I wasn’t going to tell you how come I started my first resume writing business with 26 bucks didn’t you?  I haven’t forgotten you don’t worry.  It’s coz that was the cost of my first newspaper ad.  And it skyrocketed from there.  The rest I’ll tell you some other 60 seconds.  Like at the training course (just remember to ask me).

PPS.  If you really, really want to come but don’t have the money simply seal the deal with two of your friends to pay for their ticket up front (before the day) and you get your ticket for FREE! How good is that?

PPS. If you are still skeptical by now – as my dear old Mum would say “What am I going to do with you eh?”  Scammers generally don’t live in the same state of Australia as you.  And they don’t have their ABN and street address freely available online for people googling you hard enough.  If you’re like me you WILL Google me straight away to see if I’m legit.  I don’t blame you.  You’ll see lots and lots of references to me and my work on there because I’ve been in business a very long time like I said I have and I am a REAL DAMN PERSON! (sometimes life is far TOO real but that’s another story)  I am NOT a Nigerian scam artist.  Plus no one has ever hunted me down as I reap what I sow, I know that if I help people for the right price and genuinely care about customers (check out my independent feedback on for proof) good things will happen to me.  Karma Baby.  Plus no one will hurt me coz my husband is built like a brick ######### well you get the idea J

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